หน้าแรก ฟอรั่ม เว็บบอร์ด Cyber sale: Get Pattern Beauty for 25% off sitewide

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    To get from one machine to another, plastic modules called FOUPs — front-opening unified pods — whisk stacks of wafers around the fab along ceiling-mounted tracks. It’s all governed by a central computer system that knows which wafers go where for manufacturing and testing. The black FOUPs whiz by overhead then drop down on cables to disgorge or collect wafers through hatches on each fab machine.

    Just because Black Friday is over doesn’t mean the deals are gone. Some retailers have extended their Cyber Monday sales into Cyber Week, including one of my personal favorites, Pattern Beauty. Everything on the website is 25% off, which is huge for this company because it seldom has such a steep discount on its products. Overtone’s claim to fame is actually through those vibrant, semi-permanent colors you see like electric blue or bright magenta, but they offer so many more helpful products for vatika hair mask all hair types.

    There are natural colors available, including black, brown and natural red, that will freshen up your color vatika hair mask between salon visits, and vatika hair mask there are products designed to help you tone away the wilder colors if you are trying to switch up your look.  Not everyone has the budget to maintain their hair with a stylist, but they don’t want to treat their hair with a bunch of chemicals that they don’t know how to use correctly, either.

    Overtone is a conditioning product that you use in the shower as part of your regular hair care routine. It doesn’t damage hair, because it doesn’t contain ammonia, bleach, or developers. The color-depositing conditioners add color to your strands, but they don’t lift or lighten your hair color, simply enhancing what you already have. Pattern Beauty has replaced all of my hair care products since I started using it a few weeks ago.

    There is nothing I don’t like about this line. Pattern Beauty’s shampoo and conditioner are exactly what my hair needs — and yours too if you have dry hair. It’s so incredible that two days after using the product, my hair is still soft, which I can’t say for the dozen or so hair care lines I’ve used before.  But what are they really like? Are there really people in bunny suits and robotic arms slinging rainbow-colored discs like $10,000 Frisbees?

    I visited two Intel fabs on a 700-acre plot in the Phoenix suburbs this fall to find out as part of . Self often falls by the wayside, especially when things get busy. But a fresh haircut or new color can really make you feel like a new person. Whether you regularly visit salons or maintain your hair at home, Overtone products will keep you feeling fresh and take care of your hair while doing it. For me, I got inspired to start playing around with color about 10 years ago after I moved to L.A.

    and wanted a fresh start. Since then, I’ve been back and forth between salons, box dyes and everything in between.  The problems that existed before the pandemic — the contrived nature of social media (White Woman’s Instagram), the maw of content production (Don’t Wanna Know), the inevitability of aging (30) — all continue to exist, but they now stand backlit by the inescapable reality of our collective situation.  Chip fabs 101 A fab’s job is to ingest circular slices of flawless silicon crystal called wafers and, after 500 or so processing steps lasting three months or more, to spit out finished microprocessors.

    Each chip has billions of electronic on-off switches called transistors that, ticking billions of times a second to the beat of the chip’s clock, process data so you can text Dad or see who’s ringing your smart doorbell. Fab 42 cost $7 billion when its construction began in 2011. Now these facilities are $10 billion a pop, though Intel hopes US subsidies in possible legislation will knock about $3 billion off the price. Clique If you’re looking for a minimal, lightweight “barely there” sleep mask, this one is it.

    It’s super soft, light and the smooth silk doesn’t tug on your hair. The smooth fabric and headband ensure that you stay comfortable while you sleep on your side.  From the outside, fabs just look like other huge industrial buildings, surrounded by giant ducts, parking lots and water purification systems. But road signs are a dead giveaway about what’s going on: Wafer Way, Angstrom Avenue, Cleanroom Corner, Transistor Terrace, Processor Parkway, Silicon Street.

    Tick-Tock Trail dampens the fun a bit — it’s named for Intel’s old approach toward steady chip progress. But, as I explain in my related feature, when Intel failed spectacularly several years ago, rivals Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TSMC) and Samsung were able to pull ahead. While just a few years ago a silk sleep mask may have been the height of luxury, things have changed. Today’s sleeping mask has more features that can help with everything from blocking out noise to anxiety (weighted eye mask for the win!).

    There are eye masks for sensitive skin, ones with an adjustable strap, ones with eye cups to help prevent puffy eyes and more. You can even choose a sleep mask that best accommodates your preferred sleeping position.

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